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Last Star Standing front cover

A post-apocalyptic Earth under alien rule. A lone wolf assassin with a chip on his shoulder. Can he find his way through a maze of deceit to victory?

Aiden has always felt like an outsider. After the rebel operative is captured and imprisoned by the world’s galactic overlords, he awaits execution. Then a mole working for the occupying regime alerts him to a plot that could destroy the entire resistance… Engineering a daring escape, Aiden’s growing feud with the new rebel leader leaves him out in the cold – and smouldering with resentment. Faced with deceit and betrayals on every side, he recruits a group of overlooked outcasts and stakes everything on one last mission.

Can the restless, reckless Aiden take a stand long enough to save humanity from enslavement?

Last Star Standing back cover


Feb. 2021

A dauntless soldier’s epic tale of rebellion, escape, and redemption, Last Star Standing is a dazzling and chilling vision of the future...The writing has a sharp, post-apocalyptic edge with plenty of dark humor. Memorable characters leap off the page, the action is visceral and exciting, and Taylor’s unleashed imagination makes this dystopian novel a deeply addictive read.

Independent Review of Books

Feb. 2021

Aiden is a fiery protagonist, making this outlandishly creative novel a pleasure to read. With the author’s imagination running wild, and just enough romantic angst to keep things steamy, Last Star Standing is refreshingly unpredictable, while holding to classic form.

Jack Magnus

Reader’s Favorite, Jan. 2021

Taylor displays a masterful touch at bringing his characters to life, and his writing is effortless and fluent, making reading this action-packed and thought-provoking offering a rare and engrossing treat indeed.

Susan Sewell

Reader’s Favorite, Jan. 2021

Intriguing science-fiction with a post-apocalyptic flavor... the story captures and holds the imagination. The individual characters are artistic and original, giving a realistic feel. An extraordinary tale with a dynamic storyline.

G. Masso

Reader’s Favorite, Jan. 2021

The writing is crisp and the novel graced by a compelling protagonist. Last Star Standing is fast-paced, riveting, and an enjoyable read.

Here's a taster....

I caught hold of something, something which must have blended into its background so perfectly that I hadn’t even spotted it. Something alive, nestling under the co-pilot’s seat.

I couldn’t believe it. A live gromeline.

Trembling, possibly with fury, and trying in vain to squeeze back. Grabbing my trophy – I could feel its hot little heart throbbing like an injury against my palm – I hopped out of the plane so fast that my wound protested.


Bully raised one eyebrow. Two would have been overkill.

‘Bully, you are not going to believe this. I found a gromeline!’

The gromeline – only about fifteen centimetres high – bit my finger, hard, even though I could have easily crushed its entire body with my fist – and probably would have, were I a real tester.

Feisty little gromeline.

I flicked it lightly with my sausage-sized finger. When it protested, I growled, ‘Cheese it, munchkin,’ though I could feel it struggling obstreperously against my palm.

Bully was intrigued.

‘Is it genuine?’

‘Of course it’s genuine. It just fucking bit me.’

Bully probably considered this no proof. But they’re rarer than clean air these days and his fascination was obvious. (Gromelines come from the farthest galaxy so far discovered, can speak any tongue and own enviable mental powers. They are also brave to the point of stupidity and ludicrously small. This one was mouse-coloured – they can be spectacular – with tiny red eyes. Few humans have ever seen one.)

‘What on Earth was Ho Chi doing with a gromeline?’

It was a reasonable question. A mission was no place for such a valuable alien. Could have been bounced to pieces, even during that feather-silk landing. I leaned down. ‘Did you stowaway on Ho Chi’s blinguard?’ I asked, but it just slit its eyes, pursed its lips and glared at me.

Bully trotted to his backpack and removed a small bag.

‘Shove it in here. Not even a gromeline could tunnel out of that.

Once we’ve had something to eat, we can find out what it knows.’

With some difficulty we succeeded in loosing the little creature inside, where it immediately started gnawing on a corner.

‘You sure it can’t just chew itself out?’ I asked.

‘Not unless it’s got a small but serviceable nuclear device. The bag’s made of one of those new materials, can’t remember what it’s called.’

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